Lets bring you up to speed

Pensdown have a long-standing partnership with Virgin Media, so when they asked us to deliver another cutting-edge project in their Hammersmith offices we jumped at the challenge.

Virgin Media deliver fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services to business and consumers in the UK.  More importantly they embrace technology both in their customer services and products and in their office workspace, where Pensdown excel.

Setting the scene

As part of a broader office refurbishment we were challenged to introduce technology that the Virgin team could easily control and adjust to meet changing presentation, brain storming and meeting needs.  Different zones were commissioned all serving a specific function.

What we did and why?

For the main meeting room, we introduced two screens that faced each other to ensure all meeting attendees could easily see the content; the full 360 experience (well nearly 360)!  The screen can display up to 4 different inputs, known as ‘Quad view’, one large image or up to 4 smaller images.  All of which could be adjusted to show Video conferencing, Apple TV, broadcast services or any other HDMI/VGA/PC/MAC based inputs.   We moved away from the often awkward and limiting picture in picture of Video conferencing systems and had the feed on two screens to show home view and away view. In other words, it was multi-talented!

The 4 screen Video wall has pop-open brackets for easy maintenance and flush installation to the wall (recessed into white board).  The screen can be adjusted to show multiple sources including TIVO and Apple TV.  This allows the Virgin team to control the screens individually or display one large screen depending on customer needs.  The techie stuff – to achieve the changeable 4 screen requirement, we installed an HDMI matrix switch (the brains).


To easily change the mood in the workspace we installed coloured lighting, with a controlled off feature lighting circuit.   This is both effective and in keeping with the funky Virgin environment.

The open office areas include 4 perimeter screens, all of which can be fed from the main Video wall input.  This allows 4 further outputs to display the same or different sources across the office environment.

Never to leave any stone unturned, we commissioned and installed a new Infinity sign; the Virgin logo.  We are proud to show our creative side, as this was designed, manufactured and installed by Pensdown.  Again, this can be adjusted to transition through a range of RGB colours.

Quick summary of the project

  • Custom made input panel
  • Virgin Media sign - infinity logo with colour selectable light options
  • Multi-function meeting room with 4 screens/1 large screen
  • Multiple presentation options on all screen to show same or alternative content
  • Ideas Zone - TV and media inputs (it’s the picture with all the Post-it notes!)
  • Whiteboard Zone with interactive TV