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Highways Agency Large Screen Installation

Large Screen Installation Here's some great photos from the 6 screen video wall we installed for the Highways Agency. The 6 screen set-up facilitates multiple feeds such as traffic updates, CCTV, performance data, email, calendar, social media. All very important to manage our highways.

Virgin Media Hammersmith

Lets bring you up to speed Pensdown have a long-standing partnership with Virgin Media, so when they asked us to deliver another cutting-edge project in their Hammersmith offices we jumped at the challenge.Virgin Media deliver fixed and mobile telephone, television and broadband internet services...

UKTV Case Study

Inspiring Workspaces Creating a space to inspire can be a challenge but in partnership with our customer UKTV we have done just that and integrated bespoke user friendly technology to enhance the workspace.  Client Requirement UKTV is an award winning commercial broadcaster reaching over...